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ARERR/AREOR Annual Reports

Our experts at ChemStaff have an expansive knowledge base and are uniquely qualified to support the nuclear power industry in expert preparation, thorough review, and consistent standardization of Annual Radiological Environmental Operating Reports (AREOR) and Annual Radioactive Effluent Release Reports (ARERR). For more information, click here:

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Economic Benefit to Nuclear Power

Wonder about the economic benefits of Nuclear Power?

The Nuclear Industry Contributes $60B every year to the U.S. Economy. 475,000 jobs and $12B annually in federal and state tax revenues

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ChemStafff’s Control Room Habitability Evaluations

ChemStaff's expert consultants offer extensive, trusted experience evaluating chemical and chemistry program changes before those changes are implemented. A detailed evaluation of proposed chemicals, thorough assessment of potential interactions with other chemicals on site, and NRC-approved modeling methodology are delivered by ChemStaff's team of experts.

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Training Classes for your plant!

ChemStaff has developed and provides training courses for power industry personnel. Our team of industry experts provide a diverse and extensive background which enables us to conduct training or provide one-on-one mentoring on any aspect of power plant chemistry programs for plant or corporate personnel. For more information on ChemStaff's training courses click here:

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ChemStaff’s Growing Season X/Q Determination

At ChemStaff, we can meet the challenge of assessing the dose impact related to carbon-14 in gaseous effluents, resulting in a more accurate and lower calculated dose to the public. With extensive effluent, radiological environmental monitoring, and meteorology experience we can effectively provide comprehensive support for dose assessment.

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