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Members of the House Energy Committee in Illinois have voted to advance the Future Energy Jobs Bill, SB 2814. ChemStaff is a proud supporter of this bill and a proponent of clean and sustainable energy (see Record of Committee Witness below).

The Future Energy Jobs Bill would create tens of thousands of jobs in Illinois, as well as bring significant benefits to consumers and the environment in Illinois. "The existing renewable portfolio standard has been successful in promoting the growth of renewable energy generation to reduce air pollution in Illinois. However, to achieve its environmental goals, Illinois must expand its commitment to zero emission energy generation and value the environmental attributes of zero emission generation that currently falls outside the scope of the existing renewable portfolio standard, including, but not limited to, nuclear power." Section 1.5(3)

As well as promoting clean energy, this bill will also ensure that all members of Illinois benefit from this clean energy bill by committing over $1 billion in low-income programs and providing job training programs in our communities. To contact your local legislative leaders and let them know you support a brighter energy future in Illinois: