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ODCM Support

Our experts here at ChemStaff are a group of specialists, drawing from decades of real plant and industry experience specific to RETS, REMP, groundwater protection, and ODCMs. Having deep understanding of the regulatory guidelines and industry best business practices, we are ready to assist your plant with cost savings techniques and reduce workers burden. Click here for more information.

Contact us today to see how our team can help you!

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Outage Optimization Support

Optimizing your plant's outage time is vital to maximizing resources efficiently and effectively. Our team of seasoned professionals are trained and highly knowledgeable to assist with developing shutdown and startup chemistry programs. Having the experience of working on over 100 refueling and mid-cycle outages, we understand the requirements and can assist your plant to complete a safe and effective outage.

Contact us today to see how our team can help you! Click here for more information

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Health and Physics Annual Meeting

The 62nd Annual Health and Physics Annual Meeting is being held in Raleigh, North Carolina next week. Team members from ChemStaff will be in attendance and are looking forward to meeting you at our booth. Stop by and see the numerous services we provide or just to say hello!

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Assessment Support for your plant!

Assessing the effectiveness of nuclear chemistry is vital to the success of an operating nuclear facility. ChemStaff's team of experts can assist your plant by ensuring pre-NRC inspection procedures and pre-INPO assessments are prepared and assessed in a timely manner.

Eliminate the stress on your team of completing these assessments and let ChemStaff's industry specialists provide support to your plant!

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ChemStaff’s team exhibits & presents at RETS/REMP Conference in Indianapolis

Members of ChemStaff's team attended the Radiological Effluents and Environmental Workshop (formerly the RETS/REMP workshop) this week in Indianapolis. Among the topics presented by ChemStaff's experts at the Monday training session were liquid radwaste setpoint calculations, gaseous radiation monitoring, gaseous effluent and environmental sampling concerns, and implementation of ANSI 13.37-2014.

This conference is organized by the Nuclear Energy Institute and provides a forum to share operating experience and innovation from US and international facilities.

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ARERR/AREOR Annual Reports

Our experts at ChemStaff have an expansive knowledge base and are uniquely qualified to support the nuclear power industry in expert preparation, thorough review, and consistent standardization of Annual Radiological Environmental Operating Reports (AREOR) and Annual Radioactive Effluent Release Reports (ARERR). For more information, click here: