ChemStaff has highly experienced technical personnel and a strong engineering support team to address expert witness and litigation support projects.

Our technical core competencies include chemistry, corrosion, high temperature thermal equilibrium calculations, steam cycle chemistry, reactor water chemistry, and radiochemistry in  power plants.

Our experts have supported the legal community on varied projects throughout the power and process industries.

Litigation Support Services

ChemStaff supports the litigation process throughout its entire life-cycle.  We provide subject matter experts who can perform preliminary assessments or can prepare full expert opinions.   Our experts are supported by a team of analysts that are experienced at digging into laboratory and operational data to assess underlying trends and uncover anomalies in the data sets.  We've worked with legal teams  on both the resolution of small contractual disputes and the development of expert opinions for large industrial accidents.

ChemStaff's Expert Witness program can provide traceable assessment in any area that assists with cases requiring an engineering or chemistry expert.

ChemStaff provides traceable data assessment processes to large or complex data sets (such as credit card fraud, public works cases, etc..) to assist expert opinions. Our team of professionals effectively collect, analyze, model, and develop relationships within the data sets.