Our team has extensive experience working for utilities, NSSS vendors and many other leading industry organizations.  What sets ChemStaff apart is our consultants have over 800 years of combined industry experience working in the chemistry and engineering groups at the plant, allowing them to understand nuclear processes and procedures, resulting in the core technical competencies needed to work on the most complex problems.

As an industry leader we actively participate in industry initiatives and committees and are on the frontline of helping to deliver the Nuclear Promise.

Helping Utilities Deliver the Nuclear Promise


ChemStaff provides system chemistry and chemical engineering expertise to address operational, regulatory and design issues in nuclear power plants. We help optimize chemistry control strategies, improve plant operation, and reduce costs.   Our engineering team works with our customers to perform root cause analysis and troubleshooting, draft procedures and provides training and staff mentoring.

Laboratory and Environmental

ChemStaff has the "best in business" technical support of laboratory programs in the industry.   Our expertise includes all of the instrumentation, software and QA/QC programs used in BWRs and PWRs.   We help optimize the counting room library  and support laboratory software installations including the LIMS, Counting, and Environmental programs to ensure full implementation and site integration.