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ChemStaff’s Commitment To The Nuclear Promise

Nuclear Promise Commitment

As an industry leader, we actively participate in industry initiatives and committees. We are on the front lines of helping deliver the Nuclear Promise. Watch our video highlighting our commitment to the promise here:

Who is ChemStaff?

Founded in 2007, ChemStaff was established to provide chemical engineering based services to the nuclear power industry. Today, ChemStaff is an engineering consulting company serving the global power industry with core expertise in Chemistry, Engineering, Environmental, and Health Physics Programs. We are headquartered in Joliet, Illinois with 40+ consultants, located throughout the US with over 800 years of power plant experience.

"Our passion is helping our customers solve their most challenging problems."

ChemStaff's products and services incorporate deep power plant knowledge and process implementation skills. Team members work collaboratively with our customers, developing industry-leading solutions to the most challenging issues. Our change management techniques support comprehensive, integrated solutions to plant procedures and processes.

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